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PAC build script instructions

Usage: [options] device
   -a  Disable ADB authentication and set root access to Apps and ADB
   -c# Cleaning options before build:
       1 - make clean
       2 - make dirty
       3 - make magicbrownies
   -d  Use dex optimizations
   -f  Fetch cherry-picks
   -j# Set jobs
   -k  Rewrite roomservice after dependencies update
   -r  Reset source tree before build
   -s#  Sync options before build
       1 - normal sync
       2 - restore previous snapshot, then snapshot sync
   -p  Build using pipe
   -o# Select GCC O Level
       Valid O Levels are
       1 (Os) or 3 (O3)
   -t# Build with a different Recovery (extreme caution, ONLY for developers)
       1 - Build TWRP Recovery (extreme caution, ONLY for developers)
       2 - Build CM Recovery (extreme caution, ONLY for developers)
       (this may produce invalid recovery. Use only if you have the correct settings for these)
   -v  Verbose build output
   ./ -c1 hammerhead