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Getting Started

The first thing to do is prepare your machine to build, use this guide for that if your machine is already configured to build, skip this step

After preparing your machine, continue with the following instructions:

To initialize your local repository using the PAC-man trees, use a command like this:

   repo init -u git:// -b <branch>

To initialize for KitKat on Linux

   repo init -u git:// -b pac-4.4 -g all,-notdefault,-darwin

To initialize for KitKat on MacOS

   repo init -u git:// -b pac-4.4 -g all,-notdefault,-linux

Then to sync up:

   repo sync -j#

Where # is the specific number of Jobs, 4 is default, change in accordance to internet performance/bandwidth/speed. Default is 4.

Then to build:

   ./ <device_code_name>

Example for Nexus 5:

   ./ hammerhead

For a list of supported commands run the script on it's own:


To build with flags, this is the layout needed:

   ./ <Optional_flags> <device codename>

For an o3 optimization and Dex optimisations -if you don't understand, best to leave it- for the nexus 5 run:

   ./ -o3 -d hammerhead

You can also add a -j# before device_code_name for a selected number of jobs, usually No. of cores + 1 or 2